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Five Points Car Wash & Lube
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Sewell New Jersey

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Why Choose Five Points...

Founded just recently in 2013, Five Points Car Wash Detail and Lube, Inc. leads the way in the New Jersey area by providing a quality wash, that includes all the services needed to make your car look and feel brand new.

We offer environmentally friendly car washes, lube and oil changes, and various detail services. We ensure the best treatment for your vehicle whether it be through our quality car washes or different added amenities we offer. One of our top priorities is keeping the environment clean, which is why we recycle our water by filtering it to be reused. When we do this, oils are collected and deposited safely.

When you wash your car at home, the discharged oils and chemicals contaminate the water in the storm gutters, which then contaminates the streams and rivers. Recycling our water allows us to avoid this, so you can feel good about helping the environment stay clean, while having a clean car too.

5 Points Car Wash Detail and Lube, Inc. is fast, efficient, and well worth the visit!